Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review: 10 Ways to Kill a Cupid

My rating: 3.5/5

From Amazon: "Leigh has a story to tell and despite the absurdity of it, it has to be told before it's forgotten forever.

"You see Leigh used to be a Cupid.
A very silly, naive and regretfully bitter Cupid.
And those are traits a Cupid shouldn’t technically possess.
When Leigh’s murderer is the next assignment, revenge stands in the way of helping Natalie McIntyre find her perfect partner…
That is until the appearance of the blue spark."

Through the course of this novel, you're following Leigh as she becomes a cupid, and then through her most difficult task as a cupid: finding a match for Natalie McIntyre.  Natalie is one of the most hateful people I've ever met in a book, but not to the point of hating to read about her.  She isn't an evil person; she's just had a hard time in life, is full of piss and vinegar about it, and takes it out on everyone around her.

My only real complaints about the book involve not being clear on cupid rules (e.g., at one point it's said that cupids are always of the same gender as their projects, but one woman's cupid was a male?), and that sometimes the violence (though not especially gory) was a little over the top, to the point of distraction. 

This was a cute read though, and not half bad for the author's first novel.  Despite some typos, they were easy to overlook while reading, especially because the story is entertaining and humorous.  I would warn that there's quite a bit of swearing, but again, it's used humorously.  I don't think I've ever read a book before that mixes somewhat serious subjects with such Looney-Tunes-esque slapstick, and for the most part it was done pretty well.